Sunday afternoon programme of ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague was concluded by team competition of K1 women and C2 men.  In women team race there were ten teams to race in men four of them when British decided not to start.

Slovenian team performed great ride, when  they set the time at 119.71 with four seconds penalisation. Spanish team on the other hand did not do that well with 18 second penalisation, Chinese even got 50 second penalisation.

Strong team of Australia was composed of Jessica Fox, double silver medallist from this year`s World Cup in Prague, Rosalyn Lawrenc and Allison Borrows. Not even their clear ride and time of 122.24 took the Slovenians down from leading.

Both French crews were the only ones among finalists to perform clear rides. The one of them it ensured the fourth place the other won. Gauthier Klauss and Matthieu Peche added another win in the World Cup series.

Jakub Jane and Ondrej Karlovsky showed excited emotions, because they executed a nice ride, but were taken down from the first place in a few minutes by French, overall winners.  Jonas Kaspar and Marek Sindelar did not keep their ride away from mistakes and got a two seconds penalisation from the gate 22. That ranked them to the third place and they had to wait till the rest of boats finished.

Only three penalties, all clean rides and great times. That was the final of the women´s kayak which was started by the French paddler Emilie Fér. With the time 99.15 and clean ride she challenged all the rest of the competitors.

However, just a couple of minutes later, the experienced Australian Jessica Foxová shined among gatesand thanks to the very controlled race clocking98.16 took the lead where she stayed almost until the end of the competition.

Also double Olympic champion Štěpánka Hilgertová tried to attack the time under 100 seconds with the nice combination of the gates number 7 – 9, but the final time was slower and stopped on 100.49.

Men double canoeists started the morning semifinals at 9:30 and with the interval of 2 minutes the spectators who found their way to Troja could watch twenty boats racing in total.

The canoe double elite is very tight and as Jakub Vrzan from the Czech Republic said: „There are maybe fifteen crews who all can make it to the podium.“ Vrzan with his partner Tomas Koplik were the first among Czechs to ride. Their performance was absolutely perfect with no mistakes and very fast. They were the first ones to finsih under 100s.

The women´s kayak semifinals brought in a great battle in Prague - Troja. Completely equalled race where the difference between the second and eight competitor was just 0.83 of a second. Such thing has never happened in the history of the women´s kayak competitions. The most problematic part of the course was the last gates, especially the combination of number 23 and 24.

Stefanie Horn of Italy sat on the first place for a long while s she showed a clear ride clocking 100.86, but there were also faster paddlers on the start. The time around 100 seconds was the magic barrier to get the spot in the final round.

Saturday 20. June will definitelly make the history of the canoe slalom for the Czech colours. Three individual golds, one bronze, two golds from the team races and one silver. That is the statistics of the first final dayi in Prague - Troja.  Watch the short summary video of the day.

Results are available to download in pdf in the section Results. 

The Saturday`s  competition schedule was closed by team competitions. First to go were single men canoeists with 11 teams in the star list, followed by women canoeists with 5 teams and men kayakers with 16.  

The duel in single canoeist team competition was supposed to be mainly between the national teams of the Czech Republic, France and Slovenia. The French team though, was facing troubles on the course, where Nicolas Peschier did not manage to leave one of the current poles and the rest of the team went over him. Slovenian team started well but step by step collected penalisations and the Czech team composed of Michal Jane, Stanislav Jezek and Tomas Rak could celebrate gold medal.

Men kayakers had a great sunny weather conditions comparing to the canoeists today on the Troja channel. The competition was very dramatic as it was affected by the technical issues ashore, when the leading Joseph Clarke was disqualified after the end of the competition. Victory went to the Jiří Prskavec.

The first Czech team member on the water Vavřinec Hradilek started from the seventh place after the semi-final. His performance was very fast but due to zthree touches and 6 penalty points at the gates number 6, 10, 19 he took the final fifth place. Also Ondřej Tunka did not show the clean ride but his performance was even faster and despite four penalty seconds, he went to the front positions.

The difficult course prepared a lot of challenges to all women who competed in C1 category on Saturday´s ICF Canoe Slalom in Prague-Troja. The canoeists made some mistakes already in the semifinals where the most difficult section appeared between gates number six and ten. That was a part of course where most of women made mistakes which were decisive for the race.

Jasmine Royle from Great Britain was not succesfull in the final and finished on the seventh place after missing three gates in the first part of the course. Julia Schmid from Austria, fourth women from European Championships, was penalised by six seconds.

Semifinals of C1M started the Saturday race day and the course was dominated by Stanislav Jezek from the Czech Republic. On the course newly built for the semifinal and final races, with no penalisation and at time of 91.81 s he flew through and left behind silver Olympic medallist from 2012 Sideris Tasiadis on second place and Luka Bozic on third.

The peak of the Saturday´s program at the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in Prague are the semi final and final rides of the canoesits men and women and men kayakers.

Come and support your favourites in the fight for the best positions and the crystal trophy - medals from the Blažek Glass company. Check out the video invittations of the canoeists.

The signing session of the Czech kayekers - Štěpánka Hilgertová and Kateřina Kudějová, who will start on Sunday in the semi final rounds, will begin today at 2:30PM. 

Next videos are available in the section Video.

The afternoon programme of 2015 ICF World Cup was in charge of women kayakers.  Way to the semifinals was easily open for Corinna Kuhnle from Austria, finishing at first place. Among twenty  women going straight from the first heat was, just like in the C1 women, Jessica Fox  from Australia who qualified from the 7th place (95.82, 2 pen.). Czech Stepanka Hilgertova had to use the second heat to qualify. All Czech  women kayakers will be in Saturday`s semifinals.

The first racing day of 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom Word Cup in Prague brought no big surprises. As expected, the greatest stars made their ways to the semifinals.

In the morning`s heats of C1 men British David Florence finished with the best time of 86.64 s eventhough he was penalized with 2 seconds. Home canoeist Stanislav Jezek was second with time of 87.41 s and two second penalisation as well. "I am glad that I do not need to start in the second heat, because it was quite cold and windy. It is sort of a lottery in the second heats. I will stay warm now," said Jezek. 

When the ICF Canoe Slalom was hosted in Troja for the first time, twenty years ago, Stepanka Hilgertova was there and she won. This year she will try to improve the record she set last year when winning the bronze medal in the World Cup race as the oldest kayaker at the age of 46. She will not be facing only the channel but also her shoulder which is still a little sore after the nomination race.